5 Times TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Was Successfully “Adopted” By One Of The Top Football Teams In Korea

#2 is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

K-Pop idols may have thousands to millions of fans each, but that does not mean they can’t be fans of someone else themselves. An example of this is none other than TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk.

TREASURE’s Hyunsuk

It’s no secret to TREASURE MAKERS that he’s a huge football fan. His room is decked from top to bottom with memorabilia from different teams which he is always more than happy to show off.

One of his favorites is no doubt FC Seoul, a professional football club that plays in the top league of South Korea.

This love was reciprocated multiple times as of late, with the club even “adopting” him in many ways due to how much they love him. Check out proof of this below!

1. Contacting First

First up, fans joked that Hyunsuk was “adopted” by FC Seoul after he was asked to do their ceremonial kick-off at their home game last August 4. This lined up nicely with the group’s Reboot comeback just a few days earlier.

Hyunsuk was the only special guest on the field. He introduced himself and thanked the fans of the football club for coming over to support the team.

2. The First Goal

Then, without further ado, he shot a well-practiced kick into the goal, with the club’s mascot playfully letting it through.

The first thing Hyunsuk did after the goal was to point his finger at the FC Seoul logo on his shirt just like a seasoned commercial model would. The team, fans, and his own TREASURE members cheered wildly at the goal.

3. Instagram Mentions

Besides the on-field opportunity to be with his favorite team, Hyunsuk was also remembered by them even afterwards. His favorite, Spanish player Osmar Ibañez, included TREASURE’s new title track “BONA BONA” on his Instagram post.

4. Instagram Follows

Osma is even following TREASURE’s official Instagram page, making them one of just 657 that he follows.

He also went out of his way to “like” the post of Hyunsuk with the players on Instagram.

5. Meeting the Players

Needless to say, meeting the FC Seoul players was a dream come true for the K-Pop idol!

| @yg_treasure_official/Instagram

When it comes to being a successful fanboy, Hyunsuk is on top of the list!

Source: Instagram