20+ Most Relatable Reactions To TREASURE’s “JIKJIN” Comeback Music Video

Jeongwoo killed it at #6.

TREASURE has finally returned to the music scene to much anticipation! Their title track, “JIKJIN,” was accompanied with a music video that stood out for its high quality. Everything from the song itself to the dance and members’ visuals was praise-worthy.

TREASURE | YG Entertainment

Fans definitely agreed! Check out some of their most relatable Tweets below.

1. First up, it was a party from start to finish

2. The visual line is insane as always

3. In fact, every single member is off-the-charts handsome

4. Junghwan may be the maknae but his skills are better than his age suggests

5. If only we could hear Junkyu’s unique voice longer!

6. Jeongwoo’s pre-chorus is everything

7. The rap line never disappoints

8. “TREASURE” and “Dance” go together perfectly

9. Yedam’s voice never fails to give us goosebumps

10. Jaehyuk always exceeds expectations

11. All eyes are on Asahi every time he goes on screen

12. No really, we couldn’t look away!

13. Mashiho owned every single second of screen time

14. Yoshi, TREASURE’s Prince Charming, turned dark…and we love it

15. We also love his homage to BLACKPINK’s Lisa

16. Haruto’s charisma is undeniable

17. Rap is in Hyunsuk’s blood

18. Jihoon can just stand still and new fans would flock to him

19. We’re addicted to Doyoung more and more each day

20. The Jeongwoo-Yedam main vocalist pairing is too strong

21. Their choreography is top notch like usual

22. Finally, TREASURE is matchless in many ways!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the music video for “JIKJIN” below.

Source: YouTube