These Are The Line Distributions Of All 7 Of TREASURE’s Songs So Far, And They’re Not Very Even

The member with the most lines has almost three times as much as the member with the least.

TREASURE is YG Entertainment‘s latest boy group, and they’ve already found a lot of success since their debut on August 7, 2020.

In that time, including their pre-debut song “Going Crazy”, they’ve released 7 group songs, which can allow fans to take a look at how evenly each of the 12 members’ lines are distributed!

In such a large group, it can definitely be difficult to make sure each member has an even amount of lines, but just how fair or unfair are the lines distributed among TREASURE’s members? Check out the graphs below to find out!

1. “Going Crazy”

2. “Boy”

3. “Come To Me”

4. “I Love You”

5. “B.L.T (Bling Like This)”

6. “MMM”

7. “Orange”


Most lines: Yedam (14.5%)

2nd: Jeongwoo (13.1%)

3rd: Hyunsuk (10.2%)

4th: Jihoon (9%)

5th: Haruto (8.6%)

6th: Junkyu (8.4%)

7th: Mashiho (7.5%)

8th: Yoshi (7.2%)

9th: Jaehyuk (5.9%)

10th: Asahi (5.7%)

11th: Junghwan (5.4%)

12th: Doyoung (4.5%)