These 10 Close-Up Videos Of TREASURE In Manila Show You Exactly How Handsome They Are In Real Life

And to think they’re already stunning on screen.

TREASURE recently held their first solo concert in Manila, Philippines, last April 14 to 15. Fans took to Twitter to share their unedited photos and videos of the group, and they exemplified the good looks of each member in person.

Check them out below!

1. Hyunsuk

First up, Hyunsuk was as happy as can be when he saw just how engaged Filipino Teumes were during the encore.

2. Junkyu

Junkyu had an adorable reaction to be sprayed with water by fellow members Haruto and Jihoon.

3. Jihoon

This lucky fan was able to get super close to Jihoon, and the fact that his skin is flawless was confirmed.

4. Yoshi

Yoshi is one hundred and ten percent a prince in real life.

5. Asahi

Even when just sitting down, fellow Japanese member Asahi was absolutely breathtaking.

6. Jaehyuk

Jaehyuk stunned fans with his visuals when they saw him up close.

7. Doyoung

As one Teume put it, Doyoung “looks so good in pictures but 100000000000x better in person.”

No one can disagree!

8. Haruto

Haruto looked drop dead gorgeous during the soundcheck even in a simple sweater and pair of glasses.

His interactions with Junkyu were also beautiful to see.

9. Jeongwoo

TREASURE’s very own “Manila Boy,” Jeongwoo, stole the country’s hearts with his boyish good looks.

10. Junghwan

Lastly, maknae Junghwan was charming, and this was clearer than ever when seeing him in person.

When it comes to visuals, TREASURE always slays!

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