7 Things We Miss About TREASURE’s Old Promotions That We Can’t Wait To See Again In Their February Comeback

We’re sure #5 will be as amazing as always.

YG Entertainment‘s latest boy group, TREASURE, last made a Korean comeback with “MY TREASURE” in January 2021. It’s been a year since then and they’re finally returning to the music scene this coming February.

We’re all definitely excited to see TREASURE finally promoting once again! Check out some of the things we’re looking forward to below.

1. Their Vlogs

First up, their vlogs showcasing what happens behind the scenes during music shows are always a hit. When they brought TREASURE Makers to their Inkigayo waiting room for their first “BOY” stage, we were able to see them doing everything from eating the famous Inkigayo sandwiches to monitoring themselves after performing.

A lot has changed since then. The boys were already excited when six members were introduced by the MCs, now we can’t wait for them to see MC Jihoon in action and even interviewing them!

That’s my little bro right there!

— Yoshi

Inkigayo hosts Sungchan, Yujin, and Jihoon

2. Their Backstage Photos

Seeing TREASURE take selfies and group photos in their stage outfits is an experience we all miss. We can’t wait for their Twitter and Instagram pages to be flooded consistently with new group shots!

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

3. Their Third Party Releases

TREASURE often uploads new content on their YouTube channel, be it vlogs or TREASURE Map episodes, but interviews with other channels are just as fun! They’re chances to see the boys in fresh environments and to learn new things about them. Some schedules, such as Weekly Idol‘s random play dance and M2‘s relay challenge, are even actively anticipated by fans and the members alike.

4. Their Online Fansigns

Fansigns are usually schedules for comeback season to serve as treats to fans who buy their albums. Lucky album winners are given entrance tickets to see the members one-on-one through video calls.

The more comebacks there are, the higher the chances there are of winning and seeing just how kindhearted TREASURE is in person!

5. Their Performances

TREASURE always has the most jaw-dropping performances no matter what concept they’re trying out. Whether they’re the passionate guys in “I LOVE YOU”…

…the sexy people in “MMM”…

…or the cute boy-next-door types from “MY TREASURE,” they were always outstanding!

Moreover, when asked about their edge as a group, TREASURE often brings up the number of members they have, saying that because they are so many, they can do more with their positions and choreography to make the performance as dynamic as it can be.

I think we offer a ‘plus alpha’ element to the traditional YG style. We produce synergy through our cadence-heavy dance performances. We offer something fresh and differentiating.

— Hyunsuk via Yonhap News

6. Their Outfits

Of course, we can’t leave out TREASURE’s gorgeous outfits! They’re one of the most memorable aspects parts of comeback season and they make each period unique.

Suits, varsity jackets, uniforms, and more all look perfect on the members.

Mashiho (Left), Doyoung (Center), and Yedam (Right)

7. Their New Songs

Finally, we love how TREASURE’s discography never fails to have at least one member’s name in the credits. Fans often see them making music on their YouTube channel and to actually hear a final versions of their works is a treat to say the least.

Asahi, for instance, was able to show off his skills as a composer when “Orange” was released as part of their third single album.

I wrote this song earlier this year at our dormitory. I made the beats and showed it to Haruto, who then wrote the rap verse. Compared to our past works, I see that we are showing improvements, such as choosing better instruments for the song.

— Asahi via The Korea Herald

We can’t wait for more of TREASURE’s works to be released!

Source: Korea Herald and Yonhap News