TREASURE Has Top-Tier Visuals In Real Life And These 10+ Fansign Photos And Videos Prove It

We’d die to be the fan in #7.

TREASURE has gorgeous visuals which are evident especially in real life. During their first offline fansign event, fans had a blast not only interacting with them up close but also marveling at just how good looking they are in person.

Check them out below!

1. Haruto

First up, Haruto was just as handsome as expected…if not more.

2. Jihoon

Jihoon’s eye smile was even more endearing in real life.

His cool side also came out in full force.

3. Jaehyuk

The offline fansign showed just how naturally cute Jaehyuk is.

Aegyo was as easy as pie to do!

4. Junghwan

Maknae Junghwan was the definition of adorable.

In real life, it’s even more evident how tall he is.

5. Jeongwoo

Jeongwoo is always fun to watch and be around.

6. Yoshi

Yoshi stands out with his red hair and sweet features.

7. Junkyu

All eyes were on Junkyu when he did his fanservice attack.

8. Doyoung

Doyoung was even more charming up close.

9. Asahi

Asahi was so handsome, he looked almost unreal.

10. Mashiho

Mashiho was even cuter in person!

11. Hyunsuk

Hyunsuk somehow appeared even more sweet in real life.

12. Yedam

And finally, Yedam can easily steal hearts wherever he goes.