10+ Times TREASURE Stunned Everyone With Their Gorgeous Bare Faced Visuals

They all look AMAZING.

TREASURE already stands out thanks to their talent and charisma, but their visuals put them on another level. Even in little to no makeup on, they still look good enough to perform on stage.

They have some of the best bare faced visuals that the following photos from their Twitter account (@treasuremembers) prove. Check out the following evidences below!

1. When Yoshi just woke up

Eyebags? Nope. Smooth skin? Yes!

2. When Jihoon was one of a kind

His skin can make everyone jealous.

3. When Junghwan acted cute

He’s the maknae for a reason.

4. When Jihoon pouted

How can you resist this bare-faced cutie?

5. When Jaehyuk was chill

100% cool, 100% perfect skin.

6. When Yoshi posed with a “V” sign

The Japanese rapper was as beautiful as the song he wrote the lyrics for!

7. When Junghwan was cozy

TREASURE’s “King Cow Baby” was ready to sleep (with the smoothest skin)

8. When Haruto was vintage

Haruto may be part of the maknae line, but he’s one of the most charismatic members!

9. When Doyoung was ready for bed

Doyoung’s a fresh-faced beauty!

10. When Jaehyuk was a boy next door

Jaehyuk’s glasses look was superior.

11. When Yedam played music

Who looks better jamming than Yedam?

12. When Jihoon wore a beanie

He was the ultimate cutie—and his skin was unbelievable.

13. When Hyunsuk was soft

Energetic on-stage, chill off-stage, that’s Hyunsuk!

14. When Jaehyuk wore white

His no-makeup visuals always stood out!

When it comes to their looks, everyone in TREASURE is stunning!

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Source: Twitter


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