5+ Times We Couldn’t Stop Praising The Incredible Art Skills Of TREASURE’s Yoshi

I mean, have you seen his room?

TREASURE is a group that is full of amazing artists! Besides having incredible singing, dancing, rapping, and composing skills, they’re also outstanding painters and drawers.

The members would agree that one of their best artists is none other than Yoshi. Check out below several moments when his artistic side came out in full force.

1. His Room

First up, a room is a great way for people to get a feel of one’s personality. Yoshi’s dorm space may not be the biggest, but every part of it is special to him.


He personalized his room with graffiti-like artworks so no matter where people look, a hint of his talent would be seen.

| YG Entertainment

The details of his paintings were notable! He added a hint of creativity by sticking old things of his to one of the canvases on the wall.

[These] were done by me. They’re stuff that I don’t use so I added them to the painting.

— Yoshi

2. The Café

One of the most memorable examples of Yoshi’s art skills was seen in TREASURE MAP Episode 55. Here, the members prepared to open a café meant especially for their fans.

Besides acting as a waiter, Yoshi was also the resident artist. He decorated the sign board with his trusty black marker to welcome all TREASURE Makers inside.


3. Future Diary

Yoshi’s works tend to have similarities with each other. Using a dark marker, he makes defined lines and adds splashes of color. Take his entry from the “future diary” of TREASURE’s 2021 Welcoming Collection—it was simple but memorable!

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4. On The Spot

In a variety show appearance with hello82, the members played a game where they took turns drawing a single object on a paper stuck to the backs of their teammates. They had to guess what the subject of the drawings was and pass on the message to the person in front of them. No matter how confusing it was, Yoshi guessed them all correctly, a nod to his intuition as an artist!

As an aside, his circle was the definition of perfect.

5. Casual Drawings

Speaking of natural talent, one look at Yoshi’s notebook would tell everyone just how good he is! He showed fans some pages of this in Episode 34 of TREASURE MAP, saying, “I’m working on this artwork” while pertaining to a gray smiley face that definitely had more to it than meets the eye.

Seeing one artworks will make you want to go down the rabbit hole of everything he’s ever made!

| @starrynight515/Twitter

6. BONUS: His Dream

Finally, Yoshi has the dreams of an artist as well. He once told fans that he hopes to hold an art exhibition in the future.

I’ve recently taken a big interest in fashion and art. I have many dreams: to be famous in fashion, to have loads of copyrights, to hold art exhibitions.

— Yoshi

That’s our beloved rapper, prince charming, and artist!

Source: YouTube