You Should Try One Of These 10 Popular Idol Hairstyles This Summer

These hairstyles will brighten up your image this summer!

1. The C-Curl

The C-curl style, especially with short hair like IU, will bring out your inner cuteness and keep you feeling cool (figuratively and literally)!


2. The Comma

The comma bang can add a touch of edginess to your daily look.


3. The Ash Blonde

The ash blonde brightens up your image, making it one of the go-to colors for summer!


4. The Hippie Perm

Source: Instagram

This trendy look has been worn by multiple Korean celebrities including Jessica, Sulli, and Shin Se Kyung.


5. The Bright Orange

Irene, as well as many other idols including Hyuna and Red Velvet’s Seulgi, have shined the light on this bright orange look!


6. The Messy Bun

The messy bun never gets old! Try making space buns like Twice’s Momo for some variety!


7. The Icy Blue Ombre

An icy blue ombre can create a refreshing new look.


8. The Classic Bob

Many idols have been opting for the classic bob, which is not only easy to manage but can make you look more elegant and sophisticated.


9. The Layered Cut

The layered cut not only adds texture and volume but is also a great way to lighten up the weight of long hair! Try styling it in different ways to create multiple looks!


10. Pigtails

Try lifting up your mood with bright and lovely pigtails.