Here’s 25+ Of The Most Relatable Tweet Reactions To The “Kingdom” Finale

We have a lot of feels!

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Mnet‘s Kingdom finale has aired, and we all have a lot of feels. From the phenomenal performances to members’ funny moments, it was definitely an episode to remember.

Here are 25+ of the best and most relatable tweet reactions to the finale…

1. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan went shirtless

2. Blue-eyed boys

3. ATEEZ’s Seonghwa stole our hearts

4. This moment between BTOB’s Seungmin and Eunkwang

5. Bang Chan as Wolverine

6. Introverts unite… separately.

7. Yunho just was the coolest

8. The contrast of BTOB and its members

9. We’re so proud of THE BOYZ!

10. iKON’s Bobby is a whole mood

11. This sweet moment with Peniel and Bang Chan!

12. Jongho breaking apples like it’s nothing

13. We, too, would want to stick close to Bobby

14. SF9’s Chani was done

15. iKON and SF9’s friendship!

16. Everyone loves Felix

17. Hongjoong was having the best time!

18. This iconic moment from Youngbin

19. Han deserves the world

20. Happy Pride!

21. This hilarious moment when iKON played a game…

22. Kevin and Seungmin’s hug!

23. It’s not a party without Changbin and Wooyoung

24. Zuho literally slayed!

25. Seonghwa is a supportive friend

26. Sangyeon killing it with high notes!

27. Same

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