These Are The Twenty TV Shows Koreans Are Loving RN

Both variety shows and dramas included.

This list contains the brand reputation rankings of TV shows that Koreans are loving in the month of October. Both variety shows and dramas are included in this list.

20. You Quiz On The Block

You Quiz On The Block

19. Beautiful Love Wonderful Life

Beautiful Love Wonderful Life

18. My Wife’s Taste

My Wife's Taste

17. Begin Again 3

Begin Again 3

16. My Little Old Boy


15. I Live Alone

I Live Alone

14. JTBCSoccer


13. I Want To Know

i want to know

12. World Theme Travel


11. Graceful Family


10. The Return Of Superman

The Return Of Superman

9. Vagabond


8. A Place In The Sun

A Place In The Sun

7. Running Man


6. Powerful Opponents

Powerful Opponents

5. 3 Meals A Day – Mountain Village


4. I’m a Natural Person

im a natural person

3. Knowing Bros

Knowing Bros

2. When The Camellia Blooms


1. Home For Summer

Home For Summer

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