Here’s A Look At The Full Line Distributions Of 10 TWICE Albums, And How (Un)Fair They Are

The member with the most lines has over three times as many as the member with the least.

We’ve taken a look before at the line distributions of several of TWICE‘s singles. While that gave an accurate look at how the members’ lines are distributed in their main songs, the following list looks further in-depth by measuring their total lines over 10 of TWICE’s albums. Most fans know by now that the lines in the group are far from being evenly distributed, but it’s up to you whether or not you think this is fair!

Take a look at the graphs below, each of which show the total lines from TWICE’s albums, as well as the final graph which shows each member’s total lines from all 10 albums.

1. The Story Begins

2. Page Two

3. TWICEcoaster: Lane 1

4. Signal


6. Yes or Yes

7. Fancy You

8. Feel Special


10. More & More


Most lines: Nayeon (19.9%)

2nd: Jihyo (18.7%)

3rd: Mina (10.8%)

4th Jeongyeon (10.3%)

5th: Chaeyoung (9.7%)

6th: Sana (8.7%)

7th: Tzuyu (8%)

8th: Dahyun (7.5%)

9th: Momo (6.4%)