5 Makeup Secrets You Might Have Missed In TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free” MV

She hasn’t stopped getting DMs about how she did #3!

At the beginning of June, TWICE came back with the Latin inspired “Alcohol-Free”.


This song did incredibly well for the girls and ONCEs loved the track, with the video having already surpassed 100 million views!

TWICE’s makeup artist, Jeong Yo Won, sat down with Allure Korea to answer some ONCE makeup question and share some of her favorite secrets behind the MV.

“…Where we would match the feeling, imagining that we are in Cuba or Hawaii.” | Allure Korea/YouTube

1. Chaeyoung’s hair was not just colorful, but her whole face was color coordinated!

One of the first questions asked was “How was Chaeyoung‘s purple born?” She first shared that Chaeyoung is one of the members who “would try out different hair colors” which is where the pinkish purple shade came from.

Some of Chaeyoung’s many hair colors. |JYP Entertainment/YouTube

She then explained that when doing makeup for someone with colorful for hair, the two best options are to go for a natural look or “very fancy going with the hair color.

She shared that she went with a matching pink look as she thought “it would be to put on makeup like a flower.” She revealed that the eye color was hard to come by, having mixed it from a palette she got overseas.

The palette from overseas that Chaeyoung’s look was blended from. |Allure Korea/YouTube

2. Matching your eyeshadow to your background

One of the most memorable scenes in the MV is the dreamlike sequence with the starry background and the giant martini glass. When explaining her makeup decision for this fantasy setting, she said she “figured that it would match the feel“.

This is how Chaeyoung ended up with her gorgeous glittery eyeshadow (and peep the statement pink lip).

Checkout those eyes and that lip color! | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

3. How did Momo get her glow… glow?

Fans have been curious about how Momo was able to get that fresh, flushed face look while still looking glamourous.

Jeong Yo Won revealed that she used a water balm cheek for the blush. Unlike traditional blush, this style provides a more glossy and moisturized look which fit perfectly with the beach vibe the video conveyed.

To get this look, she would melt out the balm blusher on the back of her hand and then apply it, gently, with her fingers. For a darker blush, she even suggested using a lipstick and melting it out in the same way because it shares the same creamy texture. She adds that you should finish the look by adding the balm blush in.

A demonstration of the blush technique using a lipstick. 

The look was so popular that the makeup artist even began receiving DMs asking what blusher she used in the MV!

She received so many DMs! 

4. Picking a red for Nayeon

It’s a fact that Nayeon looks incredible in red but “red isn’t all the same red.” 

To pick the red for the MV, Jeong Yo Won weighed the different types of red (like pinkish red and neon red) but decided on the classic red lip for Nayeon’s maekup. Because the lighting for this MV was so bright it made all of the makeup shine

She also shared that she used a balm highlighter applied under the eyes (similar to that of Momo’s blush) to complete Nayeon’s red look.

How to apply Nayeon’s highlight.

5. The “fine line” change in Sana’s makeup

When asked about any changes in makeup, she shared that she tried two new looks on Sana.

The first look was a change in her eyeliner where she would “emphasize the line and (draw) it in a straight line” changing up Sana’s look.

How Sana’s eyeliner was done. 

Jeong Yo Won also shared that, much to her disappointment, she tried out a smoky eye look on Sana that didn’t workout. While she wanted to meet Sana’s more ashy hair with a smoky eye look, in the end the video was so brightly lit that the grey of the eye makeup got lost.

This is the scene where the smoky eye didn’t go as planned.

In the end Jeong Yo Won shared that she was proud of her makeup because “many of you guys would complement on how pretty the makeup was.” TWICE looked stunning in their “Alcohol-Free” MV and now you know just a few of the secrets behind the makeup. To see the full interview check out the video below.


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