Here’s How Much It Costs To Get The Same Summer Vibes As TWICE In Their “Alcohol-Free” MV

Spoiler: Most of the outfits are made entirely out of scarves!

TWICE has recently made a comeback with the Summer hit “Alcohol-Free!” They took our breath away with not only their unique bop but their many gorgeous, tropical outfits! In fact, the girls have had so many outfit changes that we could only include a few for each.

Without further ado, here’s how much it costs to dress like TWICE!

1. Jihyo

First up, leader Jihyo amazed fans in her outfits crafted entirely out of Versace and Hermès scarves! She used Versace’s “Barocco Print Scarf,” “Tresor De La Mer Silk Foulard,” and Hermès’ “Steeple Chase Giant Triangle.” It is unclear if she used more than one of each, but both of these outfits combined with the accessories cost $1,595.27 USD. At least the ring is affordable!


2. Nayeon

Continuing with fully scarf outfits, Nayeon fully repped Louis Vuitton! Her two outfits, along with the Dana Burton earrings, cost $957.38 USD! Not bad!

3. Jeongyeon

Everyone was ecstatic to see Jeongyeon with her members once again! Throughout the music video, she sported elegantly dark colors from Hermès in adorable baby doll dresses. The entirety of her two looks cost a whopping $1,592.23 USD!

4. Momo

Momo absolutely stunned in her mix of tight-fitting and loosely-flowing outfits. She often went with a mature navy blue/black and white with a few colorful accents. It appears she changed her shoes many times during promotions, but for the music video specifically, her outfits cost $1,719 USD!

5. Sana

Sana arrived in tropical colors, truly giving off those Summer beach vibes. She showed Versace a lot of love while sprinkling in some Hermès and Dolls Kill! She comes out with the most expensive outfits of the group with $4,398 USD!

6. Mina

Mina truly outdid herself this comeback with her striking tropical colors and elegant beachwear. Her outfit from iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton, PatBO, Boo, and Versace comes at a total of $3,132.81 USD.


7. Dahyun

Dahyun practically stepped out of a luxury resort in her Versace, Cerabonito, Hermès, Pinko, Gucci, and Dior. She also changed shoes frequently. However, her two outfits cost $2,802.72 USD.


8. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung was an absolute goddess in warm gold and tan colors that complimented her pink hair and teal accents gorgeously. She wore very few scarves but had perhaps the most jewelry of the bunch. Her outfits come at a total of $3,446 USD.


9. Tzuyu

Finally, maknae Tzuyu looked adorable in her youthful cool tones and floral accents. Her two outfits came to a total of $2,627.97 USD!

Source: @jypetwiceclothess and Image