Here Are All The Times TWICE’s Blonde Hair Lived In Our Heads Rent-Free

They’re just that legendary 😍

The members of TWICE tried out blonde hair in the past, and we can confidently say that they all looked beautiful! And honestly, it’s impossible to even pick a favorite.

Check out the most gorgeous pictures of TWICE in blonde hair below.

1. Sana

First up is Sana, and she looked every bit the princess that she is in these pictures. The color complements her perfectly!

2. Chaeyoung

We can’t get over how beautiful Chaeyoung looks in this hair color. It needs to make a comeback, like, now.

3. Jeongyeon

With her blonde short hair, Jeongyeon exuded “girl crush” vibes through and through. It’s a look that will live in our memories forever, thank you very much.

4. Momo

Momo turned heads in this hair color, and for good reason! She’s gorgeous.

5. Jihyo

Jihyo tends to dye her hair darker colors, but when she finally went blonde, it was a pleasant surprise. We can’t wait to see it again!

6. Dahyun

Platinum blonde Dahyun will never be forgotten! The light shade complements her fair skin extremely well.

7. Tzuyu

Of course, maknae Tzuyu looks amazing in any hair color, but there’s something about blonde that gives her a more chic aura.

8. Nayeon

Not one to commit to blonde, Nayeon tried out a wig instead for the group’s “Feel Special” photoshoot. She looked so cute and pretty that we would be blessed to catch a glimpse of it one more time!

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9. Mina

Last but not the least, Mina’s blonde hair is legendary. No matter what angle she was pictured in, she looked too good for words.

Source: @misamodaily