5+ Best Reactions To TWICE’s Unexpected New CANDYBONG Announcement

“TWICE in their electronic appliances era?”

TWICE surprised fans by announcing the newest version of their light stick, the CANDYBONG Version 3, through their “SET ME FREE” cheering guide.

In the cheering guide, the members excitedly waved the new CANDYBONG while leading the fan chant to their latest song.

Here are the seven most relatable reactions to the unexpected new CANDYBONG.

1. It’s so pretty?!

2. Even if it has an unexpected comparison or two

3. RIP “#1 Public Enemy”

4. Fans will truly be able to shine

5. We will all be Sana with the new light feature

6. Nayeon really proved its durability

7. Now we just have to figure out how to afford everything…

You can watch TWICE use the new CANDYBONG here.


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