3 Times TWICE Chaeyoung’s Ambition Burned Brightly In This Week’s “TIME TO TWICE” Episode

When the cameraman had to chase her 😂

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung showed everyone what she was made of in this week’s episode of “TIME TO TWICE.” From the group competition to the individual match, she had only one thing on her mind—sweet victory!

Here are three times her ambitious spirit burned brightly during the episode.

1. When she won in a game of “Run, Blow, And See”

At the start of the episode, the girls were tasked with blowing on a platter of flour and guessing a secret ingredient. Chaeyoung chose Nayeon to compete against, sassily telling her, “Unnie, come out.

With her speed and dedication, it didn’t take long before Chaeyoung guessed the correct ingredient!

2. When she left her cameraman behind

After finding out that only one member could become the next factory master, Chaeyoung knew that it was every member for themselves.

Her goal was to run as fast as possible to sign the chocolate receipt in a separate part of the factory. Because of her strong desire to win, however, she forgot to wait for her cameraman! Sana had to call her name several times before she finally turned back.

3. When she hid her chocolate

Once she was safely alone, she made the decision to hide her precious chocolate in a very discrete area—behind an air purifier!

She then went off to the pink ball pit area, slightly anxious that her chocolate would be discovered.

When asked by Team Yellow what she was doing, she simply smiled sweetly at them and didn’t give away any piece of information.

If anything, this episode proved that Chaeyoung isn’t nicknamed “Ambitious Beast” for nothing!

Source: TWICE