10+ Photos Of TWICE’s Chaeyoung With Curly Hair That Will Overwhelm You With Her Beauty

Can’t get over these!

TWICE‘s rapper Chaeyoung is crazy beautiful no matter what she does, but give her curly hair and she just stuns.

Chaeyoung | JYP Entertainment

It’s arguably one of the best hairstyles on her.

Depending on her pose, it could make her look more fresh and youthful…

…chic and confident…

…or sultry and mature.

| JYP Entertainment

It goes without saying that she could pull off any color with it, but a bright orange like this one gives her a more playful vibe.

Small curls at the ends of her hair are also beautiful.

| @Twiceoncepantip/Twitter

If it weren’t obvious enough, we don’t deserve someone as breathtaking as Chaeyoung!

And finally, treat your eyes to these pictures of Chaeyoung performing live with her luscious locks.


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