5 Random Facts About TWICE’s Rap Queen Chaeyoung That Everyone Should Know

She may be little, but she has a powerful rap!

Chaeyoung, at 21 years old, is the second-youngest member of TWICE, but her young age hasn’t kept her from being incredibly successful and talented! As the main rapper of the girl group, she carries a lot of TWICE’s rap lines, and as a sub-vocalist, she does have some singing lines as well!

She also has super pretty visuals, but don’t let her doe eyes fool you! She’s absolutely fierce when she needs to be, and completely dominates the stage when it’s her time to shine. Whether you’re already a fan of Chaeyoung or just want to get to know more about here, here are 5 facts that you should find interesting!

1. She didn’t join JYP Entertainment as a rapper.

Chaeyoung didn’t actually join JYP Entertainment because of her rapping skills! In fact, her first try at rapping was during a group mission for an evaluation at the company, and she realized that it suited her, so she decided to stick with it!

2. She’s a talented songwriter as well.

Chaeyoung is one of the members of TWICE that has participated in writing some of their lyrics! She wrote the rap portion for “Precious Love” on the group’s Cheer Up album (which was really early on in her career!), and she also helped Jihyo write the lyrics for “Eye Eye Eyes” on the Signal album. She also helped fellow rapper Dahyun with the “Missing U” lyrics on the Twicetagram album, and wrote the entire song “Don’t Give Up” from the same album!

3. She prefers one hairstyle over all.

Chaeyoung has had the most hair color and style changes in all the members of TWICE! However, from all the different styles she’s tried, she does have one she thinks she looks best in — black hair, preferably in a bob cut. Even the company agrees that she looks best with the bob, and they told her to keep it when TWICE debuted!

4. She has a food she prefers over all others.

Chaeyoung absolulely loves strawberries (and looks adorable wearing them!). In fact, she recently became interested in cooking, and the dish that she’s most confident in is called “Strawberry Santa”. It’s made with strawberries, mascarpone cheese, and jam.

5. She knows what she would have been if she wasn’t an idol.

While the idol life suits Chaeyoung very well, she knows pretty clearly what she would have done if she hadn’t become one! When asked what she would be doing now if she wasn’t an idol, she once said that she would be walking around a college campus as an art student. She loves art, and it would definitely suit her!

Hopefully these facts helped you learn something new about this talented rapper!

Source: Doyouram