TWICE’s Chaeyoung Reveals The 3 Reasons Why Somi Is Such A Special Friend To Her

Here’s why they have stuck by each other for six years.

In a special clip from Somi‘s I Am Somi, she had a fun brunch date with her close friend of six years: TWICE‘s Chaeyoung. The two met up and found a place to buy some sweet treats.

While they were snacking on some tasty macarons, Somi wanted to know specifically how strong their friendship is. She asked, “Three reasons why you like Somi.”

1. Opposites Attract

Holding one finger up, Chaeyoung jumped right into explaining the first reason. It turned out to be an opposites-attract situation. She stated, “You and I have different personalities.”

Since Chaeyoung is on the introverted side, Somi can balance her out with how extroverted she can be. She admitted, “I’m not the talkative type, but you’re an energetic type that spews out energy.”

2. Familiarity

The second reason was the foundation of any true friendship between the closest of friends: “I feel comfortable around you.”

Chaeyoung pointed out that she can’t “meet with people [she’s] not comfortable around,” signaling that Somi is someone she feels completely safe with. The sweet words caused Somi to compare herself to socks.

Making Chaeyoung and herself laugh, Somi agreed, “Yeah, I’m kind of like bed socks that way. I’m nice and warm.”

3. No Words Necessary

For the final reason why Somi was such an awesome friend, Chaeyoung struggled just a bit. In all the years they’ve been friends, it was hard to narrow it down to only one more.

She didn’t have to wait long, though. A thought occurred to her immediately after. It was a natural phenomenon between people who understand each other, so genuinely they don’t need to express it. She revealed, “I feel like you know everything about me even if I don’t say it out loud.”

Somi used an example of knowing what Chaeyoung’s feeling and thinking just from the look on her face alone. Chaeyoung was amazed by how accurate she always is, “You somehow know.”

If you’ve ever wondered how Chaeyoung and Somi get along so well, here are just a few. Since they’ve been friends so long, there’s definitely more that they only know.