TWICE Chaeyoung’s Sexy Yellow Dress Is Dropping Fans’ Jaws (10+ Photos)

Fans can’t get over how smol Chaeyoung looks in this dress.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is drawing attention for this yellow ballerina dress, worn in the “What is Love” MV. She’s known as the “smol” of TWICE and this dress not only makes her look “small and cute” but also sexy as hell.


1. She’s the picture of a princess in this behind the scenes shot.


2. …Or would a fairy would be a more accurate description?


3. She steals the scene with her elegant fluffy gown….


4. And she’s got perfect moves!


5. Even her pose is small but fierce at the same time!


6. She can rock the frock even during a live performance!


7. Her adorable twirling puts others to shame.

Look at her beautiful lines!


8. But no matter what, she will always be TWICE’s smol member!


9. Truly a Tinkerbell come to life!


10. It’s as if the dress only exists especially for her!


11. It’s no wonder why everyone’s freaking out about Chaeyoung in her yellow dress!