TWICE Transforms Into Sexy, Stunning Scientists In New “Formula Of Love: O+T=<3” Concept Photos

They all look incredible!

TWICE‘s third full-length album, Formula Of Love: O+T+<3, is coming soon and the group just dropped their first solo concept photos for the album!

TWICE | @twicetagram/Instagram

The album has 4 versions. The first one is the Study About Love version.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

The second version is the Break It version.

The third version is the Explosion version.

The fourth version is the Full of Love version.

The first solo concept photos are from the Study About Love version, and it looks like they totally fit the vibe of the album’s title track, “Scientist.”

Here are all 9 TWICE members’ concept photos from the Study About Love version of the Formula Of Love: O+T+<3 album!

1. Nayeon

Why study science when you can study Nayeon’s visuals?

2. Jeongyeon

Scientist by day, model by night!

3. Momo

Somehow, we suspect this scientist is a bit of a dancing machine!

4. Sana

We think it’s safe to say everyone wants to be her lab partner.

5. Jihyo

This scientist’s stare is absolutely mesmerizing!

6. Mina

Even as a busy scientist in her lab, Mina is the very picture of elegance!

7. Dahyun

She’s beyond stunning in this dress!

8. Chaeyoung

This scientist is definitely serving looks!

9. Tzuyu

This scientist’s visuals are so stunning you’d think she discovered the secret to eternal beauty in her lab!