4 Reasons Why TWICE’s Dahyun Is The Queen Of Hidden Talents

Do you know about #4?

TWICE‘s Dahyun is a great singer, dancer, and rapper, but her skills aren’t limited to the stage!

Whether she’s showing off her flexibility or spotting cameras, she continues to surprise fans with her many talents. Here are 4 hidden talents you may not have known Dahyun possesses.

1. Spotting Cameras

It doesn’t matter where Dahyun is—she can easily find any camera!

It’s even become somewhat of a game that she likes to play, like in the making of TWICE’s “I CAN’T STOP ME” music video.

Oftentimes, when she notices a camera, she smiles sweetly and waves or does a cute pose.

2. Being Flexible

Dahyun is the very definition of “flexible”. In a recent episode of Radio Star, she shocked everyone with her incredible flexibility.

It’s amazing to see what she can do with her body!

3. Touching Her Nose

Another hidden talent of Dahyun’s is her ability to touch her nose with her tongue.

It’s not just her nose, however, because she can also touch her chin with it!

4. Playing The Drums

Last but not the least, one of Dahyun’s many talents is playing the drums.

She played the drums in TWICE’s “One More Time” music video and on an episode of MoChaeng TV, amazing everyone with her skills.

With as many hidden talents as hers and more to be discovered, it’s no wonder fans can’t get enough of her!