6 Times TWICE’s Dahyun Found The Camera In Behind The Scenes MV Videos

#5 is cute AND funny 😂

One of TWICE Dahyun‘s many talents is being able to spot any camera in the vicinity. This special skill of hers is never more obvious than in behind the scenes videos where numerous cameras surround her.

Check out six cute times Dahyun found the camera below!


While waiting for filming to begin, Dahyun stood quietly by herself. Suddenly, she turned to the camera and energetically greeted, “Hi!

Next, TWICE practiced the “Fancy” choreography one more time before the actual shoot. As she danced, Dahyun spotted the camera, grinned widely, and winked.


In the scene where TWICE filmed inside a train, Dahyun was able to spot the camera from afar.

She flashed an adorable crooked smile when she saw it again.

Like the true expert that she is, Dahyun found the camera at least three times during filming for “I CAN’T STOP ME.” This time, her coy gestures and funny smirk were extremely endearing!


Last but not the least, Dahyun also spotted the camera in TWICE’s recent music video filming for “Alcohol-Free.” The moment she made eye contact with the camera, she didn’t didn’t look away.

Dahyun’s camera skill is impressive!

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