10 Times TWICE’s Dahyun Radiated Hot CEO Vibes In Suits

#7 is absolutely gorgeous!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is unbelievably gorgeous!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although Dahyun always looks stunning, her visuals in a suit are simply incredible. Here are 10 times Dahyun served major looks in suits!

1. The definition of dapper

Dahyun looks so fancy and expensive in this suit!

2. Who knew professional clothes made such great stage outfits?

The “Scientist” concept really suited Dahyun! (Pun intended!)

3. Suits with sneakers will never go out of style

It was super smart of Dahyun to bring comfy shoes to change into after wearing her heels!

4. “Dahyunism” never gets old

Dahyun looked so suave during this “Rainism” cover!

5. She always looks so cool in suits

It’s like suits amplify her stage presence!

6. Hilarious and stunning

Dahyun was so funny in her and Chaeyoung‘s “Switch to Me” cover, but she still looked amazing in her suit!

7. This “Fancy” suit was unreal

This fitted suit really shows off Dahyun’s gorgeous hourglass figure!

8. She looks so official

We’d 100% believe you if you told us she was the CEO of a hugely successful company!

9. She looks so good in a tie

She looks like the coolest boss ever!

10. This “I Can’t Stop Me” skirt suit was unbelievably cute

This look is so classy and cute!