4 Reasons Why TWICE’s Dahyun Is An Inspiration To All, In Celebration Of Her Birthday

Thanking our lucky stars for Dahyun ❤️

TWICE‘s “Dubu” Dahyun is celebrating her birthday today, so there’s no better time than now to highlight her extraordinary personality and many talents!

With that in mind, here are four reasons why she continues to inspire by simply being herself and working hard.

1. She’s a joy to be around

Dahyun’s cheerful and playful personality is one reason why people can’t help but gravitate towards her.

As proven by TWICE’s variety show appearances, vlogs, and live broadcasts, there’s never a dull moment with her in the room!

2. She’s multitalented

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Dahyun is an all-rounder. Although her primary role in the group is rapping, she doesn’t fall short in both dancing and singing.

In fact, she is even proficient at playing musical instruments. It’s safe to say that she has no shortage of talents!

3. She’s kindhearted

Dahyun is the type of person that people can lean on without fear or hesitation.

One reason why she is so loved by others is because of how she herself loves others. She is especially close to her fellow members, and it shows even in times when most eyes aren’t on them.

4. She’s beautiful

…inside and out!

If there were goddesses on earth, Dahyun would probably be one. Not only does she have stunning visuals, she also has a sweet and beautiful character.

With so many incredible traits, it’s no wonder Dahyun is extremely loved by many people. Happy birthday, Dahyun!


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