If TWICE Were Disney Princesses, This Is Who They Would Be

Tzuyu is 100% this princess…

The TWICE members are already real-life princesses, but if they were to star in Disney‘s greatest films, these are the princesses they would be.


1. Nayeon – Moana

Nayeon and Moana are both independent women who stand out from the crowd. Like Moana, Nayeon is adventurous, strong-willed, and capable of seeing her journey through to the end. They take pride in who they are and never shy away from new challenges. These two princesses may be small in stature, but don’t let their sweet exteriors fool you; inside they have lion hearts!


2. Jeongyeon – Snow White

Jeongyeon and Snow White are both sweet, gentle, and motherly. Like Snow White, Jeongyeon takes care of the people around her. She does her best to lead by example and, like Snow White, she’s a bit of a neat freak. With their flawless skin and gorgeous eyes, Jeongyeon and Snow White even look similar!


3. Sana – Anna

Sana and Anna are both adorable, optimistic, and totally clumsy. Like Anna, Sana does her best to stay positive and can overcome any tough situation with her determination and humour. Sana loves her TWICE sisters just as much as Anna loves Elsa, and she considers their happiness her happiness too. Sana and Anna aren’t the most graceful princesses in the castle, but their awkwardness makes them even more endearing. (Also, their names sound similar!)


4. Tzuyu – Rapunzel

Tzuyu and Rapunzel both have an infectious, child-like energy and a love for adventure. Like, Rapunzel, Tzuyu is a bit of a daredevil; she isn’t afraid of heights, frights, or any villains who may try to stop her from following her dreams. They are both courageous, confident, and a little feisty!


5. Momo – Ariel

Like Ariel, Momo is free-spirited, bright, and loves a good adventure. They both left their homes (for Ariel it was the sea, for Momo it was Japan) to follow their hearts and make their dreams reality. Ariel and Momo are both bubbly, child-like, slightly sassy, and impossible not to fall in love with.


6. Mina – Cinderella

Mina and Cinderella are both elegant women with calm, lady-like auras. Like Cinderella, Mina is dedicated and hardworking, but she know how to have a good time too. These princesses are skillful and sweet, intelligent, strong-willed, and pleasant to be around. And you’d bet Mina would match those glass slippers!


7. Chaeyoung – Mulan

Chaeyoung and Mulan are both strong, self-reliant, ambitious, and willing to work hard to stay at the top of their game. They’re great at thinking outside of the box and coming up with creative solutions to their problems. On top of that, they both have a hilarious sense of humor that is sure to win them friends wherever they go!


8. Dahyun – Belle

Neither of these two princesses are concerned with appearances; it’s what’s inside that counts. Like BelleDahyun can look past how people appear and see right into their hearts. Dahyun loves her members just as much as Belle loves her friends, and she is the kind of person who will always stand up for herself.


9. Jihyo – Elsa

Jihyo and Elsa both have bold personality that can make them seem intimidating at first, but inside they are warm and care deeply about their loved ones. Like Elsa, Jihyo is very responsible and will always look out for her little “sisters”.