TWICE Chooses Between 2 Extreme Scenarios—Here’s What Each Member Picked

Some members had a hard time deciding!

TWICE recently held a comeback premiere for their latest album, Taste Of Love. In one of the segments, the girls were asked to pick between two extreme and random scenarios.

As the host of the premiere, leader Jihyo explained the game’s instructions. “When I ask you, you must answer in 5 seconds. Don’t think long.

1. Tzuyu

Tzuyu, what would you choose from this album prep process: practice dance all day or record all day?

Tzuyu was the first member to be asked. She would rather dance all day because her voice “will go bad” if she records songs for hours nonstop.

2. Chaeyoung

If you were to stick to one member, until the end of this album’s promotions, who would it be: Momo who follows you around and makes a mess or Jeongyeon who follows you around and nags to clean up?

Although she had a hard time deciding, Chaeyoung ultimately picked Jeongyeon because she doesn’t like being around mess. “I don’t like mess. I’d rather have clean surroundings.

3. Dahyun

Dahyun, what does love taste like for you: chocolate-flavored cocktail vs. cocktail-flavored chocolate?

Dahyun picked cocktail-flavored chocolate because she enjoys eating chocolate more than drinking cocktails.

4. Mina

Now Mina, choose one flavor: tomato-flavored coke or coke-flavored tomato.

Much to her members’ surprise, Mina chose the coke-flavored tomato because she doesn’t like the taste of tomatoes.

5. Sana

Choose the lyrics you want to write lyrics for: EDM lullaby vs. EDM child song.

Sana chose the latter because her members “were having fun with it.”

6. Momo

Which concept would you like to try for this album’s dance video: an outfit chosen by the members or an outfit chosen by ONCE?

Rather than wear an outfit chosen by her members, Momo would entrust the task to fans because she knows they would pick a pretty one for her.

7. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon! Choose between 5-year-old Nayeon or 5 Nayeons.

Without having to think long, Jeongyeon chose the former because of how innocent Nayeon would be as a child.

8. Nayeon

If you were to live a whole week as another member, who would it be: Mina but a nagging Mina or Tzuyu but a nagging Tzuyu?

To Nayeon, both options were practically the same. However, she ended up picking Tzuyu who appeared to be sending her a signal implying that she wanted to be chosen.

9. Jihyo

For an outdoor stage in summer, would you rather perform with underclothes or perform without anything to drink?

Last but not the least, Jihyo chose performing with underclothes, hilariously prompting her members to tease her by joking, “Good luck with that.

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Watch TWICE pick between different scenarios in the full premiere below!

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