If You Want To Look Like Goddesses In Gowns Just Like TWICE, Here’s How Much You’ll Need

These are some expensive dresses.

Ever wanted to look as ethereal as TWICE? It may be an unattainable goal to have their visuals, but at least you can splurge on their clothes! Their gowns effectively complement their top-notch beauty in every photoshoot and music video.

Check out how much their goddess-like clothes cost below!

1. Tzuyu

First up, maknae Tzuyu stunned everyone when TWICE’s Japan Season’s Greetings 2021 “ON&OFF” was released.

| JYP Entertainment

She wore a PHILOSOPHY Di Lorenzo Serafini “Sequin Embellished Midi Dress” that costs $1,350 USD. It gave her a soft glow that was perfect for the shoot’s concept.

| PHILOSOPHY Di Lorenzo Serafini

2. Mina

Mina was equally gorgeous in the music video of “I CAN’T STOP ME”. Her solo shoot under sheets was perfect for her.

What helped her give off an otherworldly aura was her Galvan London “Eve Metallic Evening Dress” that can be bought for $1,395 USD.

| Galvan London

3. Momo

Momo was just like a professional model from head-to-toe in the Japan Season’s Greetings 2021 “ON&OFF”.

| JYP Entertainment

Her nude clothing helped bring out her inner charm. It was none other than The Vampire’s Wife‘s “The Early Metallic Lace Dress” which retails for an astounding $1,925 USD.

| The Vampire’s Wife

4. Sana

Next up, Sana was the definition of goddess-like in a pink gown that suits her charming and fresh image.

| TWICE/YouTube

The MARCHESA NOTTE “Sequin Embellished Floral Print Gown” can be bought for $1,095 USD—worth it for the fantasy effect it gave her!


5. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon exuded an untouchable “rich girl” vibe in a gold dress during “I CAN’T STOP ME”.

Her charisma overflowed in her $1,095 USD MARCHESA NOTTE “Off The Shoulder Sequin Gown”. When it comes to standing out for her beauty, she was one hundred percent successful!


6. Jihyo

Finally, Jihyo was another goddess in a gown, proving that TWICE is full of incomparable visuals.

She wore a MARCHESA NOTTE classic “Ruffled Tulle Dress”, and it was one of the most expensive gowns of TWICE at $1,455 USD.


When it comes to clothes, TWICE always has the best of the best!

Here’s How Much It Costs To Look Like TWICE In Their Gorgeous Black Dresses

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