10 Heartwarming Times TWICE Leaned On Each Other’s Shoulders

They find comfort in each other ❤️

The TWICE members have a bond that grows stronger with every year that passes. They’re now so comfortable around one another, they don’t hesitate to lean on each other’s shoulders!

They lean on each other when they’re happy…

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…or are simply posing for the camera.

Sometimes, it happens so naturally that they hardly notice when someone does it.

Mina, for example, has been frequently spotted leaning on Tzuyu‘s shoulders. It doesn’t matter that Tzuyu is the maknae, her members know how reliable she is!

With her calm and approachable personality, she quickly worked her way into her members’ hearts—and the same can be said for the others.

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Sana is another member who enjoys leaning on those she’s comfortable with. She lives up to her reputation of being one of the most affectionate girls of the group!

It’s always heartwarming to see TWICE lean on each other’s shoulders. It may be a simple and negligible act, but shows how stable and powerful their friendship is.