10+ Of TWICE’s Most Iconic Moments From Their US Tour

There were too many moments to count.

TWICE recently concluded their US leg of their III tour. It was filled with lasting memories for ONCEs. In case you missed it, here are 10+ must see moments.


1. Nonstop dancing

Fans were thrilled by the amount of sexy dance moments that were seen on tour. Fan cams of TWICE dancing up close and personal, were captured by several lucky ONCEs. This one of Momo proves how well she flows with the music.

2. Confetti played a part

There were plenty of silly moments as well. This moment of Momo being buried under confetti had fans laughing at the ridiculous, but entertaining situation.

3. Super strong abs

The group was praised multiple times throughout tour for their fit bodies. Fans were in awe of Mina in particular after she revealed her incredible abs.

4. Cute fans interactions

There were several adorable interactions between TWICE and fans, but this one of Sana is especially cute. She always makes sure her fans get the attention they deserve.

5. The ballet training

Mina showed off her impressive ballet skills during “Last Waltz.” She’s so elegant and her training is clear.

Another angle shows Momo joining in on the fun. They’re so graceful.

6. This minor oops

This little mishap had Jeongyeon accidentally letting go of her microphone when she threw confetti at ONCEs. Fortunately, she was able to pick it up quickly and stealthily.

7. Jeongyeon telling Momo to button up

During the encore portion of the show, Momo wore artfully unbuttoned pants. At one point, Jeongyeon teasingly decided to close them for her.

8. The green ocean project

ONCEs organized the “green ocean project” to show support for Jeongyeon for participating in the tour after she was on hiatus. Fans turned their Candy Bong lightsticks green during “Feel Special.”

9. High-energy and big smiles

The group maintained high-energy throughout their lengthy shows. This clip shows a super smiley Nayeon giving the “Likey” dance break her all.

10. Did we mention muscles?

The whole group received recognition for their muscles, and it’s easy to see why. Just check out Jihyo‘s arms.

11. Up close and personal

Dahyun was feeling herself throughout the tour. Her confidence is completely deserved. It’s good to see them having fun!

12. Chaeyoung in “Hello”

Chaeyoung showed her sassy side in the “Hello” performance with Nayeon and Momo. Her eye roll is iconic.


Princess Chaeyoung 🔥😍❤️#fyp#kpop#twice_tiktok_official#twiceconcert2022

♬ The Feels (Benny Benassi remix) – TWICE

13. Adorably embarrassed

Tzuyu got adorably shy once Nayeon started dancing with her. Nayeon was unfazed and changed targets instead of stopping. You can’t help but love her for that.