10+ Fan Reactions To TWICE Jeongyeon’s Comeback That Every ONCE Can Relate To Right Now

Jeongyeon spent three months on hiatus due to an anxiety disorder.

It’s been 107 long days, but ONCEs finally got their wish—Jeongyeon is back with the rest of TWICE! Here are 11 fan reactions that sum up what we’re all feeling right now.

1. No matter who your bias is, you can’t resist swerving into Jeongyeon’s lane right now

2. Jeongyeon Syndrome: Instead of brain, there is Jeongyeon

3. BREAKING: Jeongyeon surpasses cats as the cutest thing on the internet

4. The formation queens just weren’t complete without her

5. Center Jeongyeon is the cherry on the cake

6. Try not to cry challenged: FAILED

7. ONCEs are finally whole again

8. All the members killed it on stage, but… Jeongyeon

9. Even a hit like “I Can’t Stop Me” has nothing on these two

10. Jeongyeon is fans’ pride, period.

11. So, how do we get a visa for JeongNation?