10+ Photos Of TWICE’s Jeongyeon In Glasses That Make Her Look Like The Ultimate Girl Next Door

She’s breathtaking ❤️

Sure, glasses are there to help you see better if your vision is blurry, but for K-Pop idols like TWICE‘s Jeongyeon, it also has the effect of enhancing her top-tier beauty.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon

Simply put, glasses make her look like the perfect girl next door whom everyone aspires to be like!

Whether they’re light…

…or dark…

…Jeongyeon can pull them off with ease.

Seeing how stunning they look on her, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they were made for her.

Her visuals in a simple pair of glasses are enough to make anyone stop in their tracks!

But somehow, they still help her look more relatable.

It may be because of the casual vibe it gives off. She looks especially chic when she pairs them with a plain t-shirt.

Jeongyeon—with her beauty, brains, kindness, and talent—is someone we just don’t deserve!

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