10+ Gorgeous Images Of TWICE’s Jeongyeon With Short Hair That Prove It’s Superior To All

Pixie cut supremacy!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon stuns in all hairstyles, but there’s something about short hair that looks like it was made for her.

Even though it’s been a while since she last rocked it, it’s simply unforgettable!

| JYP Entertainment

It doesn’t matter if the image is in full color…

…or black and white…

…because Jeongyeon’s beauty shines in everything!

There aren’t many people who can pull off pixie cuts, but Jeongyeon sure can.

Because there isn’t a ton of hair surrounding her face, her natural features are highlighted.

And when it comes to natural beauty, Jeongyeon can’t be beat.

She could be wearing glasses and light makeup…

…or a bomber jacket and glam makeup…

…and her short hair would match it all. She’s gorgeous, plain and simple.