7 Times TWICE’s Jeongyeon Was Perfection In Photoshoots

She’s a visual who can pull off any concept!

TWICE is a group of 9 visuals, and each and every one of them deserves undue attention for their beauty!


When fans get to see their visuals in photoshoots, the girls are always stunning, and Jeongyeon is no exception! Each one of her photoshoot pictures exudes charm and charisma, and she’s a breathtaking vision to behold!

Here are 7 moments of Jeongyeon totally slaying her solo shots in pictorials!

1. This Iconic Marie Claire Korea Photoshoot

Jeongyeon shot her first-ever solo pictorial in 2019 with Marie Claire Korea, where she totally brought her A-game to the set!

From her styled-back hair and girl-crush charms, Jeongyeon showed off her super charismatic side, and nailed it with her gorgeous facial expressions!

Her outfits consisted of shirts and suit jackets, and her cool aura just oozes out from these pictures!

2. Jeongyeon Being A Whole Queen In This Allure Korea Photoshoot

Back in 2019, TWICE shot a group pictorial with Allure Korea, and while all the girls served visuals, Jeongyeon absolutely killed it with her long-haired visuals!

With her long brown hair artfully pulled back into a ponytail, Jeongyeon was a beauty to behold!

| Allure Korea

| Allure Korea

| Allure Korea

3. Her Gorgeous Visuals In This Esteé Lauder Photoshoot

In another group photoshoot with Esteé Lauder, Jeongyeon once again flaunted her long hair, and was the prettiest muse for the brand!

She absolutely killed her solo shots, while slaying fans everywhere with her unreal visuals!

| Esteé Lauder

4. Jeongyeon Killing It In Suits In This Esquire Korea Photoshoot

Jeongyeon’s most recent solo photoshoot was with Esquire Korea, where she amped up her girl crush vibe in the trendiest looking suits!

She showed off her new short blonde hair, and was dressed in the classiest of fits, which she pulled of ridiculously well!

Whether a close-up or a long shot, she is absolutely stunning in each photo!

5. Her Sporty Vibes In This MLB x TWICE Collab

TWICE collaborated with MLB in 2017, and Jeongyeon pulled off the sporty vibe to perfection!

With her short hair and cool charms, she totally owned this shoot!

6. She’s Absolutely Unreal In This Harper’s Bazaar Shoot!

TWICE did another group photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar in 2020, and in her solo shots, Jeongyeon is so breathtakingly beautiful!

She donned a printed green coat where the color contrasted nicely with her blonde hair, and her chic expressions tied it everything together nicely!

7. And Last But Not Least, All Of Her Teaser Photos For TWICE’s Comebacks!

TWICE has had tons of comebacks, and when teasers are released, Jeongyeon delivers EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

Starting from their debut days, Jeongyeon’s teaser was just the right amount of chic and edgy to be super appealing!

And over the years, she’s just gotten prettier! From “Cheer Up”…

…to “Heartshaker”…

…to “Dance The Night Away”…

| JYP Entertainment


…and now “Alcohol-Free”, she’s a visual queen!