5 Random Facts About TWICE’s Beautiful Vocalist Jeongyeon That Everyone Should Know

She quit her idol training to almost become a what??

Though Jeongyeon is taking a break from TWICE‘s current promotions to take care of her health, that doesn’t mean she’s been forgotten about in the least! She’s a beloved member of the girl group and has been getting more deserved recognition for her fantastic vocals in recent years.

She’s also known quite a bit for her hair, which has changed drastically over the years! From debuting with a short boyish cut to having longer flowing locks more recently, Jeongyeon looks stunning in any style. Whether you’re already a fan of the idol or just want to get to know more about here, here are 5 facts about her that you should find interesting!

1. She’s not the only person in her family that works in the entertainment business.

Though Jeongyeon’s parents aren’t entertainers (though her dad is a chef!), she does have other members of her family that are. In fact, her uncle is the rapper Kyfish! She also has two older sisters (making her the maknae of her family), and her oldest sister, Gong Seungyeon, is an actress.

2. There was a moment that made her want to become an idol.

Though she already was learning about singing and dancing somewhat as a child, there was a specific incident that made Jeongyeon want to become an idol! It was after she saw a performance on TV by the iconic idol Rain that she decided she wanted to pursue a career in the industry, and she started learning his choreography and singing more seriously to get better at those skills.

3. She had a huge choice to make for her future career.

Though Jeongyeon’s first audition with JYP Entertainment ended up with her eliminated from joining, her woes didn’t last too long, as it just motivated her to try harder. In 2010, when she tried auditioning for the company again, she passed, but she was met with a decision, because she also found out that same day that she’d passed an audition with SM Entertainment as well! She eventually decided to go with JYP Entertainment because of her love for Rain.

4. She almost quit her dream to become an idol.

Jeongyeon was originally supposed to debut in a six-member group called 6MIX in 2014, which included Jihyo, Nayeon, and later Sana after one of the other members left the company. However, due to the changing members creating difficulty for the group, 6MIX ended up being scrapped. Jeongyeon was understandably upset by this, and quit training for a period of time. She ended up working at a bakery for a while, thinking she would pursue that as a career, but when JYP Entertainment invited her to participate on SIXTEEN, the competition show that created TWICE, she decided to try following her idol dream once again.

5. She has a specific pet peeve.

The members of TWICE can’t get away with a messy living space if Jeongyeon has anything to say about it! She can’t stand things being messy, so she cleans constantly, and is in charge of cleaning and organizing things in their dorms. She’s like the mom of the group this way, and even leaves notes around to remind the other members to take care of things!

Hopefully you learned something new about this talented idol!

Source: Doyouram