10 Reasons Why TWICE’s Jihyo Is Called “God Jihyo”

She definitely lives up to the nickname!

TWICE‘s Jihyo received her “God Jihyo” nickname from fans who say she’s got a godly nature. But what exactly does this “godly nature” entail? Is it her visuals, her voice, her stage presence? Well, it’s all of the above and then some! If you haven’t started calling her this already, once you’ve finished seeing the reasons fans call her this you definitely will be!


1. She trained for 10 years

Her dedication to pursuing her dreams is just one of the many reasons fans love her!


2. She is a leader chosen by the people

Jihyo was actually chosen by the other members to become their leader. Some fans are convinced it was because of a special dinner they had with Park Jinyoung. After telling the girls what traits make a good leader the other members voted for Jihyo. Other fans believe it was down to Jihyo’s lovely personality that prompted the other members to vote for her. Either way, Jihyo has proven what a great leader she is over the years.


3. She never thinks twice before sacrificing for others

Jihyo has proven over and over again that she really is the perfect leader. One of the best ways she shows this is through her selfless actions. She never hesitates to give the spotlight to her fellow members, even if it’s an act as simple as kneeling in their group pictures!


4. She can be super feisty

Jihyo isn’t always straight up sunshine and roses and that’s another reason why fans love her so much. One favorite story among ONCEs is about her relationship with 2PM‘s Taecyeon. When she was younger she once hit him with a backpack and he still holds a grudge to this day!


5. And yet she can also act like a mother figure

Yes, Jihyo can be feisty but when it comes to her fellow members she acts like a real mother. If their misbehaving she will scold them and if they get hurt she will take care of them. She’s shown time and time again that she cares for them with the kind of selfless love that mothers give.


6. She’s got a positive attitude

Another major reason why everyone loves Jihyo is because she always has such a positive attitude. Even when Jihyo suffered from an injury and had to miss out on a few fun TWICE activities, she continued to stay positive and updated fans on the group’s official Instagram. During her recovery, she also had to film for “Signal” but even through the pain she must have felt she always had a big smile on her face. It doesn’t matter what she’s going through Jihyo always stays so positive that you can’t help but feel a little of that rub off on you!


7. Her vocals are so sweet

Besides her awesome personality, Jihyo also has a ton of talent. From her dancing to her sweet vocals, Jihyo always grabs your attention!


8. And her stage presence is killer

On top of her voice and dance performances, her stage presence is breathtaking. It’s almost impossible to take your eyes off of her!


9. Her visuals will make you melt

Each comeback it seems like Jihyo’s visuals just keep ramping up and pretty soon we’ll all be dead because she’s just too beautiful!


10. And her smile shines so brightly while her laughs light up the room

One of the things that makes her so incredibly gorgeous is her bright smile. It’s literally like a piece of sunshine which might be why when she laughs the whole room seems to light up!