10 Times TWICE’s Jihyo Stunned With Her Ethereal Beauty In Her “Yes, I Am Jihyo” Photoshoot

Can’t stop thinking about #7!

TWICE‘s Jihyo took our breaths away in a recent behind the scenes video of her “Yes, I Am Jihyo” photoshoot. With her delicate beauty, graceful movements, and elegant outfits, it’s nearly impossible to look away from her!

Jihyo | @TWICE/YouTube

In case you missed it, check out Jihyo’s most ethereal moments below.

1. Gradually opening her eyes

At first, Jihyo was shy to execute this pose, but she nailed it as soon as she got serious!

2. Flipping the pages of a magazine

This stolen shot of Jihyo reading a magazine is just as mesmerizing as when she’s in front of a camera.

3. Brushing her teeth

Her smile can light up any room and heal a few illnesses.

4. Playing a game of Jenga

The perky way she raised her hand is too cute for words!

5. Posing with a cup

Whether Jihyo is drinking tea, coffee, or simply a glass of water, she makes it look like it’s the most delicious thing in the world.

6. Strumming a guitar

Imagine Jihyo playing the guitar as she sings with her angelic vocals. We’re pretty sure that’s heaven.

7. Getting ready to surf

Jihyo’s bright shirt matches so well with the playful and relaxed theme of the photoshoot!

8. Taking a selfie

She looks too beautiful for words in this classic white dress.

9. Basking under the sun

The sun may be out high in the sky, but nothing shines brighter than Jihyo.

10. Playing with a cat

Jihyo happily playing with a cute cat? We’ll take ten.

If these ten gifs aren’t enough, check out more of Jihyo’s breathtaking moments in the full video below!

Source: YouTube