5 Stylish Ways To Dress Like TWICE’s Jihyo On Her Most Casual Days

#3 was practically made for her!

TWICE‘s Jihyo knows exactly how to dress her body type in a way that complements it perfectly.


If you have a similar shape or simply love the way she styles herself, you’ll need all five of these items in your wardrobe!

1. Jeans

Who doesn’t own a good pair of jeans? For many people, Jihyo included, it’s a must-have item that is worn all the time.

There’s one for everybody because of how many types there are! Jihyo is a big fan of boyfriend jeans…

…flare jeans…

…and regular-fit jeans. There’s truly a shape for any and all kinds of bodies.

2. Statement shirts

Next, Jihyo has some fun with her outfit when she wears a statement t-shirt.

Her “Have a margarita” shirt is totally relatable and such a mood.

3. Blazers

On the days she wants to be a little more dressed up, she puts on an oversized blazer.

Blazers are such an easy way to instantly elevate a look.

If you were to catch a glimpse of her in passing and didn’t know who she is, you might even think she’s an office worker!

Of course, a chic one at that.

4. Crop tops

On the flip side, it’s hard to get more casual than a crop top. Jihyo wears them outside…

…and during practices.

She also loves cropped jackets!

The shortened length looks especially good on her because it emphasizes her defined waist.

5. Cardigans

Last but not the least, Jihyo stuns whenever she wears a classic cardigan.

Sometimes, she buttons it all the way up.

Other times, she lets it loose.

At the end of the day, she looks gorgeous in everything she wears!

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