10+ Moments Of TWICE’s J-Line That Have Everyone Falling In Love, Even When They’re Doing The Bare Minimum

MiSaMo are truly irresistible.

TWICE‘s J-Line is one of the most iconic trios within the K-Pop industry, and no explanation is needed to see why. Mina, Sana, and Momo, affectionately nicknamed MiSaMo when referred to as a group, came from Japan to Korea together as trainees, so they’ve been with each other through all the lows and highs of life. Though they each have their unique charm, together, they shine brighter than the stars. These 11 moments prove that MiSaMo have everyone wrapped around their fingers, even while doing the bare minimum,

1. Captivating Everyone In Three Seconds

This moment lives rent-free in every ONCE’s mind, which is probably why it goes viral every week.


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♬ Kawaii – 4K Revzy

2. Telepathic Connection

They’ve been together for so long that Sana doesn’t need to say a word for Mina and Momo to understand what she wants, and they don’t hesitate to carry out her wishes.

3. A Powerful Woman Next To A Powerful Woman Next To A Powerful Woman

If this clip were any longer than 5 seconds, ONCEs would really lose their minds.

4. J-Line Hits Different

Watching MiSaMo dance together is always a treat. Mina is elegant, Sana is sharp, and Momo is powerful, and each of them has an allure that can’t be ignored.


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5. When They’re Together, They Can’t Help But Smile.

The girls can’t help but be goofy together.

6. Make Way For The Queens.

The power they hold is uncontainable.

7. Gyaru Peace

The way Sana copies Momo and then Mina copies Sana is adorable.


Gyaru! #misamo

♬ 갸루 짱 예쁘다 GAL Kor ver by 판시 – *⸜ PANXI ⸝*

8. Powerpuff Girls Or We Bare Bears

Name any iconic trio, and you’ll somehow see a MiSaMo resemblance.

9. “Espresso”

More espresso, less depresso. Or, in this case, more MiSaMo means happiness overflow.

10. Too Cute To Handle

Like all of TWICE, J-Line have various charms, and each one is deadly.


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♬ original sound – teuwaiseu – nariyoung 🐧

11. Mina Is Sana And Momo’s Everything

Mina is a princess and deserves to be treated as such by everyone.