5 Reasons Why We Want To Join The TWICE Knitting Club with Mina and Jihyo

We’ve got our knitting needles and ball of yarn ready!

While we know that most (if not all) K-Pop idols have hobbies outside of work, there was one such idol/hobby combo that surprised us – two TWICE members love to knit in their spare time!

More specifically, Mina and Jihyo are the TWICE knitting queens.

Here are five reasons why we want to get in on the knitting action with them!

1. They’re Super Dedicated To Knitting. Anytime. Anywhere.

Even performing at the 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon did not stop Jihyo from getting her knit on!

2. They Knit Things For Their Members

Jihyo has made scarves for many of her members including Dahyun, Nayeon, and Tzuyu, totally going the extra mile as the leader of TWICE.

3. They Also Knit Things For Those in Need

Mina uses her knitting skills to make items for newborn babies in need, which totally fits her graceful, tender, personality.

4. They Use Knitting as a Way to Relax

Idols need to have an outlet to release the stresses of their day too!

5. People Mistake Their Knitted Items For Retail Ones…All The Time

When Sana and Chaeyoung showed off their handknitted merch (from Jihyo and Mina, respectively), ONCEs legit thought that the girls had purchased the items and struggled to find where the girls had purchased them so they could buy them too. They were shocked when they found out that Jihyo and Mina had made the items! Truly one of a kind!