These Are The Line Distributions For All 13 Songs On TWICE’s “Eyes Wide Open” Album

There’s a huge gap between members’ line amounts.

TWICE released their latest album, Eyes Wide Open, on October 26, complete with 13 songs including the title track “I Can’t Stop Me”. The title track made some fans upset with just how unevenly distributed the lines were, so below is a look at the line distributions of all the other songs on the album to see how even or uneven they are. The total for all the songs is also included at the end as well. So take a look for yourself, and see if you think the lines were spread out fairly between the members!

1. “I Can’t Stop Me”

2. “Hell In Heaven”

3. “Up No More”

4. “Do What We Like”

5. “Bring It Back”

6. “Believer”

7. “Queen”

8. “Go Hard”

9. “Shot Clock”

10. “Handle It”

11. “Depend On You”

12. “Say Something”

13. “Behind the Mask”


Most lines: Nayeon (17.9%)

2nd: Jihyo (17%)

3rd: Mina (11.8%)

4th: Chaeyoung (11.5%)

5th: Jeongyeon (9.4%)

6th: Sana (9.3%)

7th: Dahyun (9%)

8th: Tzuyu (8.4%)

9th: Momo (5.7%)