Here’s How Each TWICE Member’s Favorite Numbers Totally Match Their Personalities

The numbers hold all the answers.

Ever since TWICE debuted, we’ve noticed the girls have specific numbers on any sports-like attire they wear. After doing some digging, we realized that each girl is repping their favorite numbers.

But we couldn’t help but wonder: how well do these numbers match their personalities?

So we decided to investigate, and the results were shocking!

1) Jihyo – #21

Jihyo chose #21 as her favorite number because she was born on February 1st (aka 2/1). However, when looking into what the number represents, we think it fits her perfectly!

The number 21 is usually reflective of a creative spirit and a reliable partner.

In situations where there is a conflict between creativity and reliability, the creative spirit generally wins out. In those situations, 21s are likely to extend a compromise to maintain the partnership. 21s usually have an optimistic energy to the point where their enthusiasm tends to inspire others.

That definitely fits leader Jihyo to a T! All those qualities are super important in leading such a large group, and Jihyo’s been showing that ability since her Sixteen days!

2) Nayeon – #9

Nayeon chose #9 as her favorite number because TWICE has 9 members. Though her qualities really do match up with what “9” represents too!

9s tend to be compassionate, tolerant, and philanthropic when it comes to navigating the world around them. The number 9 is considered to be the most considerate number, as usually those “9ers” are free of prejudice and judgement.

Naeyon definitely embodies those qualities, as she uses her social butterfly status to both support her members and her besties in any way she can!

3) Jeongyeon – #0

Jeongyeon chose #0 as her favorite number, because she doesn’t actually have a favorite number. Though that doesn’t mean that she’s “empty” – on the contrary #0 is considered a very powerful number!

#0 is the only number that represents all possibilities – separation doesn’t exist. In a numerology chart, #0 usually relates to infinite possibilities.#0 is both closed and wide open. It means comprehensiveness, openness, wholeness, and infinity. It’s an all-inclusive number.

Jeongyeon best reflects this ideal in her image in TWICE, first starting with a “girl crush” image and now mixing that into a more refined “femme fatale” one. She’s totally open to “changing hats” to embody different images that reflect how she’s feeling at the time – a boldness definitely seen in “0s”!

4) Momo – #64

Momo chose #64 as her favorite number because it’s the number on her father’s shirt when he plays soccer/football. Though in a cool twist, #64 is also tied closely to Momo’s personality!

#64 is considered a number of self-determination — generally with a determination to take action in ways that benefit the family. The energy represented by 64s explores new ideas and new ways of doing things that can be implemented by others. 64s self-sufficient, goes about its own business, and pursues its own goals. Its goals, however, generally are related to the welfare of its family.

Momo definitely displayed 64 tendencies as early as her time on Sixteen, as she was considered one of the most dedicated trainees because she worked super hard to be the best idol she could be – and help raise her teams to her same level. That’s why she JYP‘s favorite and convinced him to add her to TWICE!

5) Sana – #12

Sana chose #12 as her favorite number because it is also the date of her birthday month (12 = December).

Those who are #12s are especially creative in expressing their individuality and points of view — pretty much any concepts they desires to convey with full understanding. A 12’s essence is mainly made up of imagination, effective communication, tolerance, self-sufficiency, self-determination, cooperation, optimism, and dynamism.

Sana definitely fits the bill being a 12, as her “sha sha sha” viralness and subsequent creativity in image branding as being the “fun kooky member” is definitely something a 12 thing.

6) Mina – #37

Mina chose #37 as her favorite number because “37” in Japanese it’s pronounced as “Mi” or “San” (3) and “Nana” [often shortened to Na] (7).

37s are considered to be highly independent and creative. When something needs to be done, they just does it – generally with pleasure and anticipating the satisfaction of accomplishment. Those who are 37s won’t always come up with creative solutions for obstructions to what they wants to do. Instead, they go about things in their own way, regardless what convention may be.

Mina’s creativity (her love of knitting) and penchant for being lovingly being dubbed “Miss Independent” definitely brings out the 37 in her!

7) Dahyun – #7

Dahyun chose #7 as her favorite number because she became a TWICE member on July 7th and because she’s the 7th oldest in TWICE.

#7 is a number of introspection and inner wisdom. 7s tends to be perceptive and astute and able to analyze problems to find viable solutions. 7s are also known for being generally comfortable engaging in social-group activities.

Dahyun, well known for being the “meme queen” and “variety star” of TWICE, definitely uses her 7-like traits in order to best connect with people – usually through humor!

8) Chaeyoung – #29

Chaeyoung chose #29 as her favorite number because of the significance of 2 (TWICE) and 9 (number of TWICE members).

#29 is highly relationships oriented, with their very existence is intertwined with the dynamics of relationships. A 29er tends to be diplomatic, a teamworker, and enjoy trusted companionship. There’s compassion, not only for the teams or groups 29 is associated with, but also for humanity as a whole.

Chaeyoung is a 29er to the core, as we saw recently when she hosted a “counseling pop-up booth” in Sinchon a few days ago to help and give advice to those in their teens who are currently struggling.

9)Tzuyu – #25

Tzuyu’s favorite number is #25…for no other reason that that she thinks it is a cool number. Though it definitely suits her!

25s are intuitive, curious, and thinks things through. They also contains the energy of relationships, companionship, and expression of personal freedom. Quality is appreciated, and elegance, taste, and beauty are important.

Tzuyu is definitely the queen of elegance due to her amazing fashion sense and insane visuals! She definitely has strong energy in putting effort in her relationship with her members due to being the maknae of the group.

We’re still in shock by how perfect their personalities match their favorite numbers!