Each TWICE Member’s Most Legendary Moments Proves They Could Charm The Universe

It feels like the members of TWICE are constantly going viral no matter what they do. From intense performances to simple hair flips, the TWICE members’ charms really prove why they’re Asia’s top girl group right now. 

While the girls have gone viral countless times, here are two legendary moments from each TWICE member:


1. “I am a girl…that is good to date!


2. That time Korea renamed this hat the “Nayeon hat” because of her cuteness



1. Honestly the entire duration Jeongyeon had blue hair


2. Her unique aegyo



1. When she was cuter than anime.


2. The iconic pink lamborghini.



1. A mispronounced line that became the biggest trend of the year. 


2. When she made a simple dish trend #1 in Korea.



1. Jihyo, god of aegyo


2. When she shut the haters up even before she debuted



1. The one true car photo. 


2. When she reinvented shoulders.



1. When she said the most relatable thing ever.

2. Her piano performance at TWICELAND: The Opening.



1. Chaeriana Grande.

2. Her “Honey” cover that impressed J.Y. Park himself.



1. Her hair flip that stole the hearts of millions. 

2. When Japanese fans just couldn’t handle her visuals.