The TWICE Members Reveal Some Of Their First Impressions Of Each Other…And It’s Quite Heartwarming

Tzuyu caught everyone’s attention during her trainee days.

It might be hard to believe, but TWICE are approaching their 5’th year anniversary!

While all the members are close now, some may be curious about what their first impressions of each other were. During a live broadcast, some of the members shared what they originally thought of each other.

1. First impressions of Tzuyu

When Tzuyu officially became a trainee at JYP Entertainment, there was quite the buzz. Momo was in for a shock once she saw Tzuyu in person, as she was amazed by her beauty.

At first, Nayeon didn’t realize how beautiful Tzuyu was. It wasn’t until Nayeon’s mother spoke about Tzuyu that Nayeon realized how gorgeous Tzuyu was.


2. First impressions of Nayeon

Momo remembers how she thought that Nayeon was the representation of what a Korean trainee should look like.

Tzuyu had a similar first impression of Nayeon, as she was just shocked by Nayeon’s skills.

3. First impressions of Momo

Nayeon remembers walking in on Momo and Sana when they first became trainees, and automatically knowing that they were foreigners. Sana and Momo also had similar images when they first came to JYP Entertainment, so a lot of people thought they were twins.

Nayeon also teased Momo a lot during their time as trainees.

There’s more in the full video below!