TWICE Mina’s Fashion Inspiration Is Herself—Here Are 10+ Times We Totally Understood Why

Her casual fashion is 💯

When asked who her fashion inspiration is in an interview with Buzzfeed Celeb, TWICE‘s Mina subtly chose herself.

Well, I have to wear clothes that suit me…

— Mina

Seeing the stunning outfits that Mina puts together, it’s no wonder she gets inspiration from herself! Below are some of her best looks that will make you go, “How did she think of that?

1. Sheer top

Mina rocked this all-black outfit with ease. The sheer top gave a hint of the cute bralette that was hiding beneath it. If you were running out of monochromatic black outfit ideas, then this may be what you were looking for!

2. Classy + edgy

Mina fully buttoned this denim jacket and wore a black turtleneck underneath it. She paired it with a pleated skirt and bag that had the words “SCULPTURE” printed on it. This is exactly what a classy yet edgy outfit looks like.

3. Chunky sweater

Mina knew what she was on to when she wore this chunky cream turtleneck with a matching crossbody bag. Her curled hair added even more femininity to the look.

4. Brown on brown

This outfit is perfection! Mina cinched a brown coat over her waist and let it fall over a lace skirt. Tying the look together was a pair of pointed boots that just scream chic!

5. Office-ready

If ever you were in dire need of office-approved outfit inspiration, Mina’s got your back. In this picture, she wore a black coat over a more casual turtleneck and skinny jeans. She added back a more formal vibe to it by carrying a clutch instead of a shoulder bag.

6. Hot red jacket

For those days when you feel like being the center of attention, you need to wear this cropped red jacket. It’s loud and beautiful, and it’s sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

7. Black dress

On the flipside, if you feel like wearing a more casual outfit, look no further than this picture. Mina wore a long, V-neck dress over an adorable t-shirt and added some dangling earrings.

8. Denim shorts

Mina’s laidback style is definitely one to admire! Here, she half tucked a button-down shirt over some denim shorts. Her Gucci tote matched the color of her shirt particularly well.

9. Sunglasses and asymmetric top

As if wearing this asymmetric sweater wasn’t cool enough, Mina decided to pair it with chic sunglasses and a Luis Vuitton shoulder bag.

10. Red dress

You could argue that the color red suits everyone, but it probably suits Mina the best! She wore some matching red lipstick, making everything about it beautiful.

11. Tie dye sweater

Last but not the least, if your style leans more towards fresh and fun, then you may be interested in this tie dye oversized sweater. It’s perfect for those days when you want to be comfy yet stylish!

Source: Buzzfeed Celeb