15+ Times TWICE’s Mina Was Total Girlfriend Material In Romantic And Cute Date-Like Photos

She looks like everyone’s first love in #13.

With her sweet personality, insane beauty, and natural elegance, it’s no wonder TWICE‘s Mina is the ideal girlfriend of many people. If you are someone who is also a huge fan of the girl group member, here are 15+ photos and gifs that would help you imagine what dating her would be like.

1. Cooking Together

TWICE’s Mina

2. Eating Snacks Together

| @TWICE/YouTube

3. Celebrating Anniversaries Together

| @lovekoobie/Reddit

4. Playing Sports Together

| @TWICE/YouTube

5. Going To The Beach Together

| @kpopgfmaterial/Twitter

6. Riding In Cars Together

| @kpopgfmaterial/Twitter

7. Going On Late Night Dates Together

| @kpopgfmaterial/Twitter

8. Walking Around The City Together

| @kpopgfmaterial/Twitter

9. Playfully Joking With Each Other

| @TwiceEng/Twitter

10. Video Calling Each Other

11. Blowing Kisses To Each Other

12. Looking Affectionately At Each Other

13. Walking To School Together

14. Texting Messages To Each Other

15. Playing Together

16. Waving Goodbye To Each Other

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