10+ Times TWICE’s Mina Proved That No One Wears Red Better Than Her

#7 is just stunning 😍

TWICE‘s Mina wears the color red like no other. From dresses and tops to bright and muted shades, she looks too gorgeous for words in all of them!

Check out her best red outfits below.

1. Glossy dress

The flared sleeves and shiny finish make this dress extra special.

| JYP Entertainment

2. Sheer sleeves

The combination of sheer sleeves and statement earrings makes Mina look extra luxurious!

| JYP Entertainment

3. Suede top

Here, Mina wore a cropped red top over a cold-shoulder shirt, proving that even casual outfits can stand out.

4. Fleece jacket

This fluffy red jacket is one way to add excitement to a plain turtleneck top.

5. Off-shoulder dress

Mina looks every bit the princess that she is in this off-shoulder dress.

6. Tulle gown

Gorgeous is just one word to describe how Mina looks in this picture!

| JYP Entertainment

7. Cinched blazer

As if this blazer wasn’t chic enough, it was paired with an equally stunning hat.

8. Flared pants

It’s not just the outfit that gives off “girl boss” vibes but also Mina’s laid-back pose.

9. Sweetheart neckline

Mina’s innate elegance is through the roof in this picture!

| JYP Entertainment

10. Bejeweled top

Just another beautiful red dress to complement a beautiful person.

11. Slit gown

Last but not the least, Mina looks too pretty for words in this classy outfit!

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Source: @minashood/Twitter