10 Times TWICE’s Mina Showed Off Her Rock Hard Abs In Fan-Taken Concert Photos

Our jaws dropped at #7.

TWICE‘s Mina is total body goals! Over the course of the group’s various world tours, she often dressed in clothes that revealed her rock hard abs.

Check out examples of this below!

1. In this viral photo

First up, this photo of a muscular Mina is already iconic.

2. With unbuttoned jeans

There’s no doubt that her body is a work of art.

3. In Houston

She’s one of the most toned K-Pop idols around.

4. When sitting down

Her abs were clearly defined even when sitting down.

| @twicexmina/Instagram 

5. In denim shorts

“Sexy” must be her middle name.

6. While smiling on stage

Even when she’s simply standing still, she’s breathtaking.

| @twicexmina/Instagram

7. When twisting her body

Her abs become even more evident when she turns ever so slightly.

| @twicexmina/Instagram
| @twicexmina/Instagram

8. In a black and white crop top

Crop tops are best at showcasing just how toned she is.

9. In the “III” tour

She stands out even from afar.

| @TWMIVE/Twitter

10. And when wearing a corset top

Finally, Mina’s corset crop top framed her torso perfectly.

Needless to say, she’s always blowing us away with her beauty!

Check out more instances when TWICE’s abs made jaw-dropping appearances on stage below.

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