15+ Times TWICE’s Momo Showed Off Her Stunning Body Proportions

#7 will make you swerve into her lane!

TWICE’s Momo keeps her body slender and toned. Check out these 15+ times her fit body line looked incredible on stage!

1. All of her ab workouts have paid off.

2. Even her arms are super toned.

3. All of the dancing keeps her in amazing shape.

4. Her charisma sets the stage on fire.

5. Fans go crazy for her.

6. She’s so fierce!

7. Model Momo, strutting on the runway.

8. Believe it or not, she’s real and not CGI.

9. Dance queen Momo takes the stage.

10. She’s absolutely radiant when she performs.

11. She’s just too loveable!

12. All of her angles are perfected by her years of dance experience.

13. Clap if you love Momo!

14. Watching her perform live is a life-changing experience.

15. Check out her 11 line abs!

16. She’s body goals!

17. This outfit was iconic on her.

18. She’s the definition of beauty and grace.